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In the luxury Anila hotel, our chef creates inspired modern Indian cuisine, where seasonal ingredients are married in surprising and beautifully creative combinations.



Your safety is our top priority. That is why we use best quality ingredients and fresh fruits and vegetables. We ensures that food prepared for our customers is safe to eat.


Delicious & Attractive Flavor

Our goal has been to provide all our guests with a lasting memory by combining great food with professionalism and excellent service.

Enhance the Guest Experience at Our Restaurant

Visiting restaurants is a way of getting away from the daily life routine and the usual home cooked food and having an enjoyable and relaxing night out. With restaurants offering a huge selection of dishes, you can order anything your desires! But the challenge for restaurants nowadays, when the market is teeming with competition, is to provide the customer with such a delightful experience that they coming back for more and more!

These days’ people value cleanliness and hygiene as much as the taste and presentation of the food. It is very important for restaurant-goers that the staff is courteous and polite, and the waiting time for food is acceptable. Also the place and venue matters a lot. If somebody searches for restaurant in Naraina Vihar area then you might get Anila Hotels as one of the premium restaurant in Naraina area of New Delhi.

So how can restaurants make sure that they not only meet but also exceed the expectations of the customer? Here are some pointers –

Having a sense of your customer’s expectation can help you provide a more fulfilling experience for them. Every diner has some preset expectations from the restaurant which may be derived from reviews, word of mouth or advertisements. Although any restaurant can’t pinpoint the exact expectations of its customers, they can get a good sense of that through the type of food and service they are offering. Fast food restaurants offer quick delivery and low prices as their customers would expect whereas fine-dining restaurants will provide premium quality food with professional service at high prices. So in this way restaurants should get a clear sense of the needs of its patrons and adequately fulfill them to the best of their ability. Staff should be trained in such a way that they feel responsible towards every guest who visits the restaurant.

With the recent boom in the F&B business, there are a huge number of restaurants which have opened up in the city. With such a wide variety of cuisines and ambiance to choose from, restaurants should be really appreciative of the fact that the guest has chosen their restaurant among the hundreds to choose from. They should show this appreciation by treating the guest as part of their restaurant family. So, even if the customer is new, they should be treated with the same courtesy and service which you would provide to a regular customer.

Introducing a “Customer Loyalty Program” is a great incentive for guests to keep coming back to your restaurant. After the guests have enjoyed a great experience at your restaurant, they should be offered to join the customer rewards program which should ideally be built into the POS system as to ensure a speedy opt-in by the customer. Your guests will feel special by joining this program and can take advantage of the various deals and rewards.

If the payment process is a hassle, it can ruin the experience even after a great meal. Some of the issues that patrons face while paying the bill include a long wait for the check to arrive, wrong or extra items added to the bill, not being allowed to split the bill or items on the bill, malfunctioning credit card machines, etc. A POS system in place can make the payment process more streamlined and quick.

At Anila Hotel, we also follow the same process of providing every customer a great facility of digital transaction. When the people search for the best restaurant in Naraina or hotels in Naraina industrial area than in terms of food, ambiance and quality, Anila Hotel is the first choice in the minds of various customers also. The time when customers have experienced everything the restaurant has to offer, they should be handed a customer feedback form so as to get valuable feedback from them. The customer can have some really good suggestions if paid heed to, and can help the restaurant serve future customers better.