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Enjoy wth your family, colleagues the great ambience and delicious food at hichkee restaurant at Anila Hotels - Rooftop Restaurant. You will get the delicious food and beautiful aura at the terrace restaurant.

India with its rich cultural history has many exotic culinary delights to offer its citizens as well as visitors from across the world. India has one of the most diverse and rich varieties of regional cuisines in the world. It is categorized according to the regions it originated from such North Indian, South Indian, East Indian, and West Indian.

New Delhi has many numbers of restaurants serving various types of regional and International cuisines. If you live in the capital city or a here for vacation or business, and are looking for a relaxing and pleasant dining place with tasty food and a warm ambiance, be sure to drop in at the restaurant in Anila Hotel situated in Naraina. The restaurant serves delicious food which is prepared with utmost hygiene and care.

And what’s more the hichkee restaurant at Anila Hotel is on the rooftop, which means you can enjoy the warm sunny afternoons or dine under the stars at night! It is one of the major and most well-known rooftop restaurants in Delhi. The restaurant serves a variety of Indian and International cuisine prepared by world-class chefs. Be it an outing with your family or a celebratory occasion, the rooftop restaurant at Anila Hotel is the best place for any sort of occasion and can be experienced well within your budget.

Indoor dining restaurants are aplenty in New Delhi, but you are missing the charm of the amazing view and serene surroundings you can get while dining at one of the best rooftop restaurants in Delhi. Anila Hotel is surrounded by lush green environment has the unique facility of providing you with the clean and Eco-friendly environment while you wine and dine at the open-air rooftop restaurant. So, selecting from the best rooftop outdoor open-air restaurant in Delhi is quite difficult as there are thousands of restaurants which claim that they are best but actually everybody knows about them when they visit there.

In the national capital of India, people are curiously searching for Rooftop restaurant in Delhi because everyone loves to enjoy and discuss in Terrace restaurants. The terrace restaurants have great ambiance, charming and cool music, mystical, peaceful and fresh air where everyone can enjoy, spend time with family and loved ones.

If you are looking for a party place where you can organize the outstanding party then booking Anila Hotel would be a great option for you.

Why Anila Hotels is the Best rooftop party place in Delhi:

  • 1. All around security.
  • 2. Affordable cost.
  • 3. Best Ambiance.
  • 4. Parking space available.
  • 5. No restrictions for anything.
  • 6. Marvelous hospitality and services.
  • 7. Food quality is A one.
  • 8. Very good area for gathering.
  • 9. Comprehensive facilities.
  • 10.Outdoor open air restaurant for any business summit.

Talking about the outdoor restaurant then Anila hotel has won various prizes in the area of this facility. You can find many rooftop outdoor open-air restaurants in Delhi but which one to select would be the real, first and foremost question in your mind. But, we strive to provide up to the mark, exclusive and esteemed services of hospitality to every customer in our best rooftop restaurant in Delhi which is named as Anila Hotels. So, what are you waiting for you can see the nice images over here and feel the difference in how you can enjoy here in our hotel. So, just pick up the phone and reserve your table. You can also directly visit us in Naraina area of New Delhi. Servicing people and delivering happiness on their faces is our main motive

Work hard, Party Hard is an age-old adage which is very important to one’s mental well-being. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle and long working hours, it is extremely important to blow off some steam.

New Delhi features a huge number of bars and restaurants where you can go and have a great time with tasty food and delicious drinks. Delhi is a complete hub for entertainment and parties for any type of occasion that you are celebrating.

The rooftop restaurant at ANILA Hotel in Narainais a great choice for a fun night of partying and relieving stress. The restaurant has a great view and plush green surroundings so that you can party and have a great time while being in a pollution free and oxygen-rich zone. The restaurant boasts a wide variety of Indian and international cuisines each containing delectable dishes. The world-class chefs are highly experienced and delight your taste buds’ with delectable food preparations.

This outdoor open-air restaurant in Delhi is perfectly equipped with well trained and polite staff to serve your party needs and expectations. You can have parties here for any occasions such as office parties, birthday parties, wedding parties, family functions, etc. Whatever the occasion is, Anila hotel has one of the best rooftop party places in Delhi to serve your needs.

In case you need to celebrate your promotion with your office colleagues, drop in at the rooftop restaurant after work and treat yourself to the various culinary delights at offer here. The calm surroundings and nature-friendly location of the restaurant are sure to put you in a relaxed and happy state of mind.

If it’s your kid’s birthday and you are looking for a place to throw a party in Delhi, the rooftop restaurant is a perfect place for such a gathering. No loud noises and a smoke-free environment due to the surrounding greenery, make this an idle place for kids to party and enjoy safe and sound. The staff is always present and helpful and your kids will be taken good care of.

During the festival months like Holi and Diwali, when usually families visit each other, then people generally choose to go out for a meal rather than be burdened by cooking for everyone. It even saves you from the time-consuming cleaning up it takes after everyone leaves. Whenever you are thinking of a family outing, do keep Anila Hotel in mind. The rooftop restaurant is family friendly and is well equipped with enough staff to cater to a large gathering as well as small. it even has different cuisines so that everyone can eat according to their preference, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food available on the menu.

So, if you stay in Naraina or are visiting for any purpose, be sure to choose one of the best rooftop terrace restaurants in Delhi Anila Hotel for all your fine dining and party needs, and that too at affordable prices!


Beautiful Aura

Enjoy the beautiful aura under the warmth of the sky. You can have a great view from here. Be it party or any occasion you can make the booking within your budget and enjoy the services to the fullest.


Delicious Food

Taste the delicious food by top chefs of Anila Hotels. You really can't stop yourself eat more.